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The ministry of Dave Boyer is still touching lives... 


"Thank you for your faithfulness, and your dedication to the Lord Jesus. In 1990, I gave my heart and life to Jesus! It was at one of your concerts in Florida. Since then, I am married and living in Ohio. I was praying this evening, and your named popped into my head...I had to thank you, for your testimony, that made me choose Jesus. My life has been blessed, and everyday, is a new adventure. Thank you again, and may GOD continue to bless you."
-David J. Frangis, Middleburg, Ohio

"We have received more positive comments on last Sunday than any Sunday that I remember since being organized as a church. Quite honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it would be good, I just didn't know how good. You blessed us so much, and we'd be interested in having Dave back any time." 
- Terry Bell, pastor of Life Park Christian Fellowship, Tulsa, OK

"Dave has been coming to the Tabernacle for many years and still 'has the pipes.'  You will enjoy his Frank Sinatra big-voice singing and his winsome personal presentation."
-Richard Stanislaw, President/CEO, Ocean City Tabernacle, NJ

"That was one of the most fun concerts I've ever played and Dave is one of the most amazing musicians I've ever met.  The guys in the band all agree.  We really look forward to more!"
- John Fogg, manager Trinity Jazz Orchestra, Pittsburgh, PA

"Your songs and testmony have been in my life for a long time...your songs have impacted my life over and over again...I thank God for you and your music."
- Jim Lawrence, East Hampton, CT

"Dave Boyer is one of my favorite guests to interview!  Whether I'm talking with Dave about the popularity of Big Band Christian music or listening to the inspiring stories behind his songs, I'm always amazed by the vast contribution that he has made, and continues to make to Contemporary Christian Music."
- David Warren, Program Director, Oasis Radio Network